Discovering India’s cultural hues ‘n shades

Thanks to Deepa Sunil, the Owner of Hues 'n Shades, we gained a great understanding of  traditional art techniques originating from various parts of India. That's what ARTE is about. Exploring one's heritage and culture through an artform that one may choose, and sharing these with ARTE customers and community alike. From the paintings Deepa [...]

Camel milk leads the way (to great skin!)

Here is an ARTE vendor who has built a great client base by attending ARTE fairs, and she has been attending ARTE only since the beginning of this year. Her name is Stevi Lowmass, Owner of Essential Soaps.  What's special about these soaps is that the chief ingredient is made of camel milk. Stevi explains, [...]

Helen Ellinas – a trip down memory lane

Today we feature another 'trip down memory lane' with one of ARTE's regular artisans - Helen Ellinas. First stop is the 'glass painting' station.   "Glass painting was a medium that I discovered and used extensively in the 90's at various art and antique market venues in England.  It was something that hadn't yet become popular [...]

Sizzle with Ra’Dazzle

Sometimes two heads are better than one. And that's what happened in the case of the Ra'Dazzle gals, Rachna and Anjana. Their common interest in trying out jewelry making as a hobby led to them teaming up under the brand name Ra'Dazzle, jewelry created mainly from wire (by Rachna) and crochet (by Anjana). The gals [...]

Terrifyingly Cute Monsters

Irene Sutton’s Mystery Monsters have become all the rage at the ARTE Markets. The creative genius behind the unique pottery brand Irene’s Pots, Irene has been teaching pottery in Dubai since 2009 and is a regular at the ARTE markets. We were especially fascinated with Irene’s imaginative miniature sculptures series called Mystery Monsters. It was [...]

Artmitul – A Labour of Love

Artmitul, an arty brand driven by Mitul Bhattacharya, is a stunning series of mixed media paintings that capture a sense of a story, through a painstaking and labour-intensive technique, which is evocative of Madhubani folk art from Bihar, India. Mitul, can spend days - sometimes even weeks - creating one of her masterpieces. She explains [...]

Wrist Candy

For an instant wardrobe update this spring/summer 2012, all you need is some stunning chunky wrist-candy. At ARTE, they come ranging from the sparkly Swarovski cuffs to some of spring's most attention-grabbing and colourful bracelet. Each piece is an original and eye catching piece handcrafted by locally based artisans.