Have a hUmorki day

Aneta Dersley narrates how hUmorki (notice the capital U) starts with her daughter Amelia and her different moods. She takes the chance to make stuffed toys that also look sad or angry, something so unusually in stuffed toys. At kindergarten Amelia couldn’t find any toys to play with. So Aneta came up with the idea [...]

Taking the Silk R(o)ut(e) – Arna Rut

Taking the silk route is quite an addictive journey, according to Arna Rut. "When one gets used to wearing clothing made of silk, one doesn't want to use anyother material." For her working with silk is a totally different experience to working with other material. "When I first came to the textile markets in Dubai [...]

The Art of the Sacred Feminine – Pari Sagar

Through Pari Sagar's artwork, one sees the rise of the beautiful sacred feminine energy, whether it is embracing life, or coping with the stresses of life in a peaceful manner.  Through her artwork, one almost grasps the experimental nature of Pari's work as she loves experimenting with shapes, figures, patterns, texture and colours. Pari initially majored [...]

Unity in Div-art-sity

At the heart of diversity is Art. At least in the Lewisham family from New Zealand. Jocelyn and her daughter Olivia both paint together (as you can see them in the above photo), with themes involving the Dubai scapes. As Jocelyn says, "It's our together time!"  The eldest daughter Jessica is studying for a Bachelor [...]

Meet our Soap-er Heroes

Handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art. Whatever your needs, ARTE Markets features a number of soapmakers who offer natural chemical-free beauty & grooming options in a wide array of colours, scents, shapes, sizes and formulations designed for serious skin care. We asked a few of our regular soap-er heroes to share [...]

Nihad Nadam – in love with Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphic themed handcrafts are trending these days. From pendants to keychains, from Tshirt designs to brooches. Even business logos incorporate Arabic calligraphy for that one of kind artistic touch. ARTE caught Nihad Nadam at the last DFC ARTE Souq creating badges in Arabic Calligraphic style. Nihad has a way with words Arabic calligraphic style, [...]