How to get customers to your market stall

It’s nearly the end of January, the time when most new year resolutions start to wear off.

What about your resolution to get more customers to your market stall?  Have you thought about changing the look, or creating a new brand? Perhaps the displays could do with a bit of change in location? What about colours, tones and shades?

Here are some of the how-tos to get more footfall to your market stall.

1) Draw your customers in through your displays.

2) Colours, Light, and (more) action

3) Business cards, checklists and prices

4) Stick with it

Are there any more ways not mentioned above that you have used that brings more customers to your stall, thereby increasing footfall and also increase the likelihood of people buying from you? We would love to hear your ideas so do share with us, by commenting on the blog post.


“It’s a kind of magic…

“It’s a kind of magic”…. Music group QUEEN

Yup, that’s right. The magic has rubbed off on us and our new facebook page is

The old faceboook page that goes by the name of UAE.ARTE doesn’t work.  So you will need to update the ARTE facebook page link anywhere on your marketing collateral.

Talking about magic, just 17 days more to go for the next ARTE fair at DFC. Who’s magically appearing then?