Wael Hamadeh and his upcycled work

It is amazing how a well travelled member of human kind finds his journey back into the arms of his homeland, Lebanon. Where 'the history of stone merges with the beauty of nature, where olive trees dance with the breeze of the valley' (Reference, Wael Hamadeh's biography. The biography is as poetic and heavy with [...]

The Hand of Khamsa paintings, by Marlene

The 'Hand of Khamsa' or the 'Hand of Fatima' has become quite popularised in jewelry, keychains and other accessories. Khamsa literally means 'five' in Arabic. While the origins of this symbol cannot be pin-pointed in history, it is believed to offer protection (from what some may call 'evil eye') While the Hand of Khamsa is [...]

Arabian (Dollie) adventures at ARTE

Sitting regally on her throne, Sayida Amira (lady Amira) looks all prim and proper. Her mascara-ed eyelashes are heavy with expectancy that someone so deserving of her handcrafted beauty and vivacious, will steal away into the night or day. Like Amira, many a lady and princess has had her dreams come true, thanks to their [...]