Polymer Clay by Suzanne Kazan Jewelry

Suzanne Kazan Jewelry is all about breathing life into jewelry – her chosen medium to handcraft it. The artisan, who is from Switzerland, has a special relationship with nature which helps her be responsive to people and cultures.
Suzanne talks about her journey into the use of FIMO polymer clay, “When I first discovered the FIMO clay, I was at first taken aback by its wide range of colours and possibilities. I was just recovering from a cancer operation and working with clay was my way of meditation and recreating new life.” This recreation of life, with the combination of colours and patterns, is apparent in her jewelry. “I use the combination of colors and patterns to create a certain energy that calls on a specific individual because it talks to his or her specific energy.”

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A regular ARTE vendor since a year, Suzanne loves the thought that ARTE helps her go public with her art. “It was ARTE that helped me create very cordial relationships with art appreciators. Now I have customer base and contact with other artists who participate in ARTE’s activities; this raises the challenge for continuous exploration of and experimentation on my own art.”
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Animal Planet comes to ARTE

The first ARTE fair for the last quarter of 2014 was filled with beautiful people and beautifully painted and crafted icons from the animal kingdom – butterflies flitting about from one ceramic pin to another, camels trekking from cushion to cushion, the hippos and the rhino making merry, and more.

Here are a few artisanal products by our ARTE. You can find their facebook pages below the gallery.


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Hector’s handmade

Komeropuoti craft shop

Handmade Agate jewelry

Favourite Things – Handmade by Roberta

Photos by the artisans or Alex Nex (Green Moments Photography)

It’s a cakewalk right here at ARTE

We start a new round of craft fairs at ARTE, with a sweet tooth. Expect to see many cakes ‘n bakes, desserts and preserves food artisans at the first ARTE fair this season, on the 12th of September, 2014.  Here are three of the


Annette Cakes Dubai

Not only can you  savour their delicious cakes, you can also learn the art of decorating your cake at ARTE. The Cake Decorating workshop is a basic buttercream decorating workshop that is at no cost to you when you buy one dozen cupcakes at ARTE this Friday. Register now. Details below.

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Ladybug sits cosily on this green and creamy cake by Annette Cakes

mickey theme cupcakes with oreo frosting

Custom cupcakes by Annette’s Cakes – Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes with Oreo Frosting


Just Cupcakes – Love at First Bit

Just Cupcakes brings to ARTE their freshly baked, eggless cupcakes.   Promising endless bites of sweet cupcake desire, you need not look further if you have had a bad day at work or a messed up day at school. Head over to their stand this weekend and ARTE and feel special.
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just cupcakes

Pastel coloured ‘lollipops’ for a baby shower by Just Cupcakes.

nutella and red velvet cakes - just cupcakes

Just cupcakes makes creamy yummy nutella and red velvet cupcakes – want some?-

just cupcakes 1

Frosted Creations Dubai

Now, if you are in a mood to celebrate, then Frosted Creations Dubai is on standby to help you do so. Their theme is all about celebrations, through freshly prepared cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

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Disney Lightning Mcqeen Cake-frosted

Fancy a Disney Lightning McQueen cake – Frosted Creations are your peeps.

Couch potato cake...really enjoyed making it...frosted creations

Hitting the 40s? Have no fear – Couch potato cake by Frosted Creations comes to your rescue.

Graduation of American academy-frosted creations

Customized order by Frosted Creations for the Graduation of Dubai American Academy event.

We know what they did last summer

ARTE may have taken a short break during the month of August, but our artisans have been as busy as ever. We take a look at what some of the artisans did over the summer to refuel that flickering oil lamp of creativity.

Bright and Beautiful – Creative Fabric Ideas

Carla Bygrave, Founder and Designer of Bright and Beautiful did not have much time to create many of her popular bag creations, but her tote bag travelled all over the world with her. From Vegas to LA, from Cebu to Malibu beach, from Dubai international to London Heathrow, her large tote bag has bagged quite a bit of air mileage.  She also captures colourful ‘craft wonderlands’ (as she calls it) where ever she travels, most of them heaped with fabric and wool that make us at ARTE-sans hunger for more of such craft shops in the UAE to whet our arty appetite.

carlas tote

Packed to the brim, the tote bag comes to Carla’s rescue at the airport while travelling.

carlas tote1

The Bright & Beautiful tote bag is spotted yet again at Houston’s George Bush airport.

carlas tote2

One of the many photos Carla takes of craft shops and shares with her fans. This one is at Michael’s craft wonderland in Pasadena CA.

carla commission - 2 days

Customized buntings and bags by Bright & Beautiful. Carla whipped these up in a matter of two days, before she got onto that jet and winged away to Scotland.


T’Danes also travelled during the summer. Her favourite destination happens to Istanbul.  “This city made me realise that that one time beauty stays a life-time beauty,” she says.  This philosophy is incorporated into T’Danes beautiful pieces of work. No wonder they sell like hot cakes – after all, who wouldn’t want a piece of Istanbul beauty around her neck?
bijou tdane

Photo by T’Danes encapulates Istanbul’s handcrafted inspiration through the power of recycling.


Turquoise-ptember collection by T’Danes.


Each pendant is a memento marking a special past event in someone’s life.

Doesn't this 'Marina' necklace by T'Danes look awesome?

Doesn’t this ‘Marina’ necklace by T’Danes look awesome?

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Janys De

Spending time between India and Dubai this summer, Jan D’Sa, Owner and artist-designer at Janys De, started working on pocket squares to compliment her handcrafted cufflinks collection.  Leaving the pocket squares and her cufflinks behind in Dubai, she went off to India and had a great time having the space to work on her fiction stories, doodle spontaneously and take insect and floral photographs to capture her love for nature. She says, “I did not travel as much as I would like to, but time spent on my parents’ garden-farm, dabbling in hobby photography, doodling and writing served to be a great introspection time where I travelled deep into my creative being.”  We can be certain to witness her cufflinks collection steeped in this newfound creativity  at ARTE.

Jan loves the time after the monsoon rains, where the raindrops sit immaculately on the flowers and leaves. Captures on her parents’ garden-farm.


Balancing the arthropod and the tear drop. Captured by Jan on her parents’ garden-farm.


Spontaneous doodling with her non dominant hand has become one of Jan’s favourite past times.


Handcrafted cufflinks by Jan in polymer clay and resin. The designs are made, following the intricate patterns in doodles created by Jan.

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Dollie Day Dreams

Another artisan who has seen the world and has lived in different countries spanning South America to South East Asia, had a pleasant surprise waiting for her in the English Countryside. Maggie, Owner and Designer of Dollie Day Dreams, says, “I was re-introduced to the pleasure of picnics in the English countrysides, long walks and endless rows of gorgeous flowers. The weather was great to just wander off the beaten path and lose myself in memories of things that I miss when I am in Dubai.”
Her Dollies are well known collectibles that are quite the rage among ARTE’s visitors.
Flowers in Maggie's mother's English garden.

Flowers in Maggie’s mother’s English garden.


Maggie Tuite, seen with her Dollie creations on new ARTE posters.

Maggie Tuite, seen with her Dollie creations on new ARTE posters.


Maggie’s Mr.Bunny keeps her company when she makes her dollies. She says, “She likes my button box, thankfully, I caught him in time having a sniff and not a snack.”

diva dolls

The Diva Dolls sell like hot cakes at ARTE.


Don’t you love this doll Trapeze Artist – each Dollie by Maggie exudes her own character and personality.

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Eva’s  Cats

Bright and spunky Eva Yumshanova, designer at Eva’s Cats,  spent time in the west of France camping with the family during the summer. Amongst all the expected camping gear you may find in camper’s backpack was (no surprise) threads and needles. Eva says, “I could not take my sewing machine, but I could sneak in some fabric, needle and thread. I zipped myself in the tent which made me feel I was inside a sleeping capsule of a star ship. I loved it.”  It was in the midst of viewing the night sky, the milky way, breathing fresh air and pine trees, visiting Brittany and Le Croisic (known for its snail farms, salt plantations and more ) that her cat keychains were born.


Eva in France, enjoying her ‘starship’ abode while piecing the cat keychains together.

eva keychains

Buy these cute cat key chains by Eva at ARTE markets.

Evas cats

A preview of some of Eva’s cats and dogs, foxes and camels.

Who can resist these animals made by Eva?

Who can resist these animals made by Eva?

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All Photos used in this blog posts are used with the permission of the artisans.