ART at ARTE in April – Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan is a versatile Indian artist, based in Dubai. Her artistic process began as a child during frequent excursions to the Botanical gardens and Nature conservatories. She incredibly inspired by the beauty of life, as seen either through a telescope or a microscope or in plain sight. She demonstrates a highly developed sense of colors and compositions and a keen attention to details. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting shapes and bold compositions. Her compositions feature an intangible cosmos and intricate geometric patterns. She combines various media such as oil, acrylic , markers, glass paints and liners to come up with hybrid pieces. She has exhibited her art work in many group exhibitions and also at ARTE The Makers Market. Her artwork is in many private residences and offices through out the UAE and India. #wemakewhatwesell #artemarket

ART at ARTE in April – meet Fahema Fattah

I am Fahema Fattah. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and I am a graduate of the University of Baghdad. I am married and have two girls and a boy. I immigrated with my family to Canada before 20 years ago, but work keeps us coming back to AD.
My art is a mix of self-taught and art education. In my work I like to interpret the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or concept. Each piece I paint is from the past where I have come from as well as a preview of the future.
I have always loved using my imagination and my senses which are expressed, through my colorful paintings. Sometimes I depict my characters faceless or with vague features because I believe that everyone is a closed book and there is a hidden side in each person which can not been seen by others until exposed, which I leave its interpretation to the viewer.
I believe women are half the community and they should be represented in every part of life. I paint them as tall as a palm tree to indicate their glory and generosity.My main advice to new aspiring artists is to always express one’s self, and keep in mind every person has his own taste in art and always be positive and always seek improvement. ‪#‎artemarket‬‪#‎wemakewhatwesell‬

ART at ARTE in April – meet Shilpa Rao

I am a dreamer, enthusiast and an artist. My name is Shilpa Rao.
I am an autodidact in sketching and nothing but my passion and love for this field inspires me to create magic on a blank sheet. I am captivated by people and their honest expression which I enjoy capturing on my canvas.My mission in life is to be able to connect to the world through my work and wish colors never leave me. #artemarket #wemakewhatwesellCamouflage.jpg

ART at ARTE in April – Dana Naser

I am Dana Naser. Growing up, art was an important part of my life. In my perspective, art is creation, transformation and a medium of expression. I collected images, experiences and emotions expressing them through my work, relying on intense colors, incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, concentrating on creating abstract surfaces through different mediums including acrylics, a variety of mixed media such as pastels, ink and many others. With the ambitious goal of exhibiting my visual expressions and abstract paintings around the globe offering a new twist to the art scene in the middle east and eventually around the world. #artemarket#wemakewhatwesellIMG_7124.JPG

ART at ARTE in April – Maheen Noorani

I am Maheen Noorani From Rang O hunar providing innovative products for your home. I am an artist cum designer being fascinated by new innovations. My Art work is inspired by basic daily routine things giving them a stylish and contemporary look for your home. I am always eager to create something unique and different using mix media paints, fabric, leather, threads etc. Each and every piece is made with passion and creativity. #wemakewhatwesell#artemarket12.jpg

ART at ARTE in April – meet Laila El Hefnaoui

Laila El Hefnaoui, Artist/Architect, a Dubai based artist, originally from Egypt, who studied & practiced architecture for over 20 years in both countries, but fell in love with art in many ways. Painting has been her inspiration for years, but recently embraced it & cross the line to become a professional artist in 2014 and has been selling her art at ARTE. Through her architectural background, she has captured different aspects of urban & natural sights in various countries. She lived through the metamorphoses of the architecture lines in the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates from 1997 till date. Her Art express these metamorphoses, finding samples in her work, from Heritage Architectural to Modern skylines, from expressionism to abstract, a wide variety of styles to enhance these developments of both human and urban life styles. #wemakewhatwesell #artemarket @Lilly’s Floral Decoration12935407_915491455216786_320252659_n.jpg

ART at ARTE in April – meet Carl March

Carl March, born 1959, studied at Solihull College. Followed by two intensive years study and work with artist and master printmaker Oliviero Masi in Milan, Italy. His work is characterized by strong drawing and design elements. He likes to experiment with soft pencils, bamboo pens, and brushes. These mediums along with traditional painting and engraving techniques, help to create a distinctive subtlety to his images. Elected a fellow of the RSA, and a regular exhibiter at the RA Summer Show in London. His work is widely exhibited and collected. ‪#‎artemarket‬‪#‎wemakewhatwesell‬