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Manuella Garfia -Ever-Charm


Well, the heat is here in Dubai with temperatures well into the 40s. It is hot and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. Friday, May 20 will be a great day to visit ARTE in two very cool locations – Al Hamra Mall, RAK and Mercato Center, Dubai.

News flash!!!! ARTE in the Al Hamra Mall will now run until 9pm! So for those of you who like to come out after the sun sets – this is the place to be!

This week’s artist is Manuella Garfia of Ever-Charm.



Manuella was a journalist in Spain before moving to the UAE and joining ARTE. She loves working with fabrics and sequins, but her latest passion is recycling and saving the environment.



Manuella loves to give parties, especially in the summer, but it bothers her how many glasses are used and the waste this causes for the environment in terms of water from washing glasses or rubbish from disposable cups. She wanted to help cut down on such waste. She had heard about glass charms and she decided to make some. They were  a success! Her friends all wanted them and at the end of the evening, she had about half the glasses to wash. Ever-charm was born!



Ever-Charms glass trinkets are reuseable and made from zinc-alloy which makes them long lasting. They add a touch of elegance to your table while allowing your guests to easily identify their own glasses throughout your event. You can buy individual charms or sets of 6 that have themes such as Arabic, coastal or holidays! Each set is handmade personally with lots of thought and love by Manuella. Want a personal theme? Manuella is happy to customize one for you.



Ever-Charms are not just for glasses. They are the perfect compliment to bottles that hold your oils. lotions and spices that you might find in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.



Plus, you can have personalized inspirational messages.



Ever-charms also add a bit of fun to handbags; cell/mobile phones; gift packages;  zippers or special objects to add that bit of elegance.



Like Manuella and Ever-Charm on Facebook  or email her at: and don’t forget to stop by her table at ARTE and say hi!




ARTE’s Artists

Mehwish Riaz

May has arrived and with it the hot weather! With the return of the hot hazy days of a Dubai summer what better way to spend the day than a visit to ARTE! Today, Friday May 6th, ARTE is at the Oasis Center. Located off Sheikh Zayad Road, this cute mall is worth a visit and once you go, you’ll want to keep returning on the first Friday of every month!

This week, I want to introduce you to a young artist – Mehwish  Riaz.


Although her family is originally from Pakistan, Mehwish was born and raised in the UAE and considers Dubai her home. For 23 years, her passion has been drawing and painting. She started with watercolors and acrylics, but over the years has expanded her talents to include oil and ink mediums. It is not unusual for Mehwish to combine many mediums together.dsc_0008-copy-2-copy


I asked Mehwish how her interest in painting started. Mehwish is deaf and she found art an excellent way to help her communicate with the hearing world. Art allows her to use her imagination and to express herself.



I wondered if being deaf makes it difficult for her to work with customers at ARTE, but Mehwish just smiled and said her mother comes with her to The Oasis Center, Times Square and Al Hamra Mall RAK in order to help her communicate and share her more abstract art. Plus, the internet has made communicating with clients even easier.dsc_0003-copy-copy



Mehwish loves to paint and draw wild life, especially birds. She often uses ink, watercolor and acrylic to create her birds. She doesn’t like to just copy photos of wild life. Her images come from her mind and how she envisions her subjects. When I look at her work, I can see her struggle with the world and how her birds reflect the confusion and chaos of being deaf, but surviving in a hearing world.



Mehwish works contrast bright vibrant colors with a darker subject. They can also have a whimsical side which can be seen in her Arabic scenes like this camel:



Mehwish’s second passion is interior design. Blessed with good spatial order skills, Mehwish is the perfect person for ARTE customers to go to when they need advice on where to hang art in their homes and offices.



Mehwish can be found at ARTE, and you can contact her through Instagram : mehwish_art,  Facebook: Mehwish Riaz, E-mail:

Stop by ARTE and say hello to Mehwish.

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