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Phlox and Two Bunny Bracelets by Hollie

Good morning ARTE fans! Today, Friday, June 17 ARTE will be popping up at the Mercato Center in Dubai from 5pm – midnight and the Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al Khaimah from noon – 9pm. Looking for a special Eid gift? Heading home and want to have that special memory of the UAE? Need a gift that fits in your suitcase? Then why not come out to ARTE today! Today’s artist is just one example of the wonders waiting for you at Al Hamra  Mall in the morning and the Mercato Center later this evening.



Today’s artist is Hollie and she has been with ARTE for two years now. Although Hollie was born in England, she grew up in Bahrain, where she lived for 20 years before moving to the UAE 5 years ago.


Many of you will know Hollie from Two Bunny Bracelets, the jewellery  company she started a few years ago. Hollie takes gemstones, silver and charms to create lovely bracelets and necklaces.


Don’t see what you like? Hollie will custom make you a creation in real time at ARTE.



Recently, Hollie has started PHLOX a company dedicated to skin care.



I asked Hollie how she went from bracelets to skin care. She told me she had been making sugar scrubs for herself for awhile. Then, one Christmas she wanted to give her mom a unique gift so she made her some body products. Of course, she did not want to just give her mom an untested gift so she brought in samples for people in her office to try. In the end, it turned out that her mom and office mates loved them so much that a demand was created.


Hollie realised she had found her passion so she signed up to do a diploma in organic skin care formulation and was hooked.



Knowledge is key to making her all natural handmade skin care products. Hollie not only wants to give her customers a safe product, but she wants a product that does what is says it will do. To make sure her products are safe, Hollie has gone on to get  certifications in aromatherapy for natural living and face mask therapy. She is currently doing an advanced diploma in organic skin care formulation and is working towards becoming a licensed aroma therapist.



Hollie loves animals, especially her bunnies, so no product is ever tested on animals!



Hollie can make custom cosmetics! This is great news for those of us who have sensitive skin, skin allergies or you just want the right fit for your skin needs!



You can find Hollie tonight at the Mercato Center but she can also be reached on Facebook: or visit her website:



Hollie’s dream is to one day move to the Lake Ditrict in England and open up her own shop, but until then, she will continue to make her all natural handmade scrubs, balms, body butters, anti-ageing serums and body mists exclusively for ARTE.

Whenever you are at ARTE, drop by Hollie’s table and say hi!



ARTE Artists

Handmade Gifts by Natalia

The heat is on and with so much dust in the air, you will be looking for a nice cool place to escape this weekend. The coolest place in Dubai this Friday, June 3rd will be ARTE at the Oasis Center. June is here and it is time to get ready for visits to friends and family. What better place to get unique handmade goods than at ARTE and this week’s artist has the perfect gifts to fit easily into one’s suitcase.



Natalia of Handmade Gifts has been showcasing her decoupage talents at  ARTE  for  5 years. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Natalia has lived in the UAE for 15 years. She raised her daughters here and was always looking for craft projects they could do together. She started doing decoupage with them but her daughters found it a bit much, however, Natalia really enjoyed it so she kept making objects for herself. This led to presents for her relatives and friends. After awhile, she ran out of space in her house and started doing ARTE.



Natalia believes in recycling and is always looking for items that can be turned into  works of art.



Natalia’s passion for decoupage has her spending hours searching for the perfect images that will transform ordinary boxes and bottles into divine creations. She is always searching craft books for new ideas and her husband contributes by giving her new machines and gadgets to help her with her craft.


Natalia loves to be challenged and can take pictures that her customers give her to create special orders. In the past, her customers have given her pictures of their homes, pets and family.



Natalia does not just put pictures on a box, she likes to see what other artistic techniques she can add to her work such as crackling, paste, paint, lace or twine.



Natalia does not repeat her designs so each piece is always unique. Her decoupage is perfect for gifts, especially at this time of year when teacher and leaving gifts are in demand.



Do you have an idea or picture that you would like to see in your home? Natalia will be happy to help you make it a reality! You can contact Natalia by


Instagram: NATALIA.UMKA2109

Facebook: Facebook

And do not forget to stop by Natalia’s table and say hi the next time you are at ARTE!