ART at ARTE in April – meet Laila El Hefnaoui

Laila El Hefnaoui, Artist/Architect, a Dubai based artist, originally from Egypt, who studied & practiced architecture for over 20 years in both countries, but fell in love with art in many ways. Painting has been her inspiration for years, but recently embraced it & cross the line to become a professional artist in 2014 and has been selling her art at ARTE. Through her architectural background, she has captured different aspects of urban & natural sights in various countries. She lived through the metamorphoses of the architecture lines in the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates from 1997 till date. Her Art express these metamorphoses, finding samples in her work, from Heritage Architectural to Modern skylines, from expressionism to abstract, a wide variety of styles to enhance these developments of both human and urban life styles. #wemakewhatwesell #artemarket @Lilly’s Floral Decoration12935407_915491455216786_320252659_n.jpg

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