ART at ARTE in April – Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan is a versatile Indian artist, based in Dubai. Her artistic process began as a child during frequent excursions to the Botanical gardens and Nature conservatories. She incredibly inspired by the beauty of life, as seen either through a telescope or a microscope or in plain sight. She demonstrates a highly developed sense of colors and compositions and a keen attention to details. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting shapes and bold compositions. Her compositions feature an intangible cosmos and intricate geometric patterns. She combines various media such as oil, acrylic , markers, glass paints and liners to come up with hybrid pieces. She has exhibited her art work in many group exhibitions and also at ARTE The Makers Market. Her artwork is in many private residences and offices through out the UAE and India. #wemakewhatwesell #artemarket

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