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Glass Art – Hand Engraving by Suzan

Welcome back to ARTE! As summer winds down and we get ready for cooler autumn temperatures, what better way to get back into the art of UAE living then by visiting one of the ARTE pop up markets – this month ARTE will be at:

The Oasis Center, Dubai, Friday, September 2, 10am – 7pm

Times Square Center, Dubai on Friday, September 9 and September 23, 11am – 6pm

Al Hamra Mall, Ras Al Khaimah, Friday, September 16, Noon – 9pm

The Mercato Center, Jumeriah, Friday September 16,        10am – 10pm

Did you know that this September ARTE turns 11 years old? To celebrate, ARTE  will be serving cake and a party atmosphere on September 23. Hope you drop by and celebrate with us!

Plus, one of the artists who will be celebrating with us on the 23rd is this week’s artist Suzan Kamande of Glass Art – Hand Engraving. (, Facebook:)



Suzan comes from Kenya, but has lived in Dubai for 7 years and has been an ARTE  artist for the past 2 years.



Suzan’s passion is  engraving, especially on crystal.



As a child, Suzan had never seen anything that had been engraved because this is not a common art form in Kenya. In college, she had an art teacher from the UK who introduced her to engraving.



From the first moment that Suzan saw it, she was hooked. She learned the art of engraving and has worked as an engraver ever since.



In Suzan’s beautiful work, you can see the influences of Kenya. Her animals and nature scenes are very realistic. Suzan believes that engraving is similar to painting in that your pictures are not identical to your subjects, but capture the essence of them.



Suzan loves what she does. This and her years of experience really show in her work.



Suzan’s heart may be in Africa, but since coming to Dubai, she has begun to explore desert themes in her work.



Suzan  is motivated by new challenges which is why she loves commissioned work. Do you have an idea, a loved ones portrait, or special date that you would like immortalized in crystal? Then you need to see Suzan right away!



Each piece that Suzan custom makes takes time. Handmade is NOT made in a factory. True craftsmanship takes time, but the results are well worth it!



Suzan works mainly on crystal and she can do coasters, plates, vases, glasses, tumblers, jugs and plaques. A very popular item is her champagne flute. These flutes make great wedding or anniversary gifts and you can get names and dates engraved on them to add that personal touch.



Suzan can even do jewelry.



Just look at how delicate and intricate her art is. Can’t you just feel this fish swimming on this glass. Simply gorgeous!



Suzan loves coming to ARTE because of all the wonderful people she meets. For Suzan, ARTE is more than just selling art – it’s about connecting with people, sharing a smile and having a chat.  Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Suzan’s table and say hi.

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