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Welcome to November! Or should I say Movember! The countdown to Christmas and National Day has begun! With less than 8 weeks to go you will want to hurry out to ARTE at the Oasis Mall this Friday and start shopping for those unique one of a kind handmade gifts which will impress your friends and family!

This week’s ARTE  artist is Craft by Two by Saeid and Lui, a husband and wife team who create masterpieces from recycled building materials (Facebook ,, , Instagram: craftbytwo)img_8421

Saeid and Lui have lived in the UAE for 20 years. Originally from Iran and the Phillipines, they have been members of ARTE for one and a half years. They create industrial rustic home decorations such as furniture




and signs.


They use all natural materials and recycle as much as possible.


I asked them how they got started. Saeid told me that his home in Iran has an orchard and he does the plumbing and electrical work when he is home. This is a big job and as a result, there are always a lot of extra pipes lying around. Saeid wanted to do something with them and this fueled his passion for elemental and functional art.


He discovered by using his electrical skills he could turn left over pipes into lights. Using the elements of metal, glass and wood gives his steampunk  creations a lifelike quality which is both charming and whimsical.


Many of Saeid’s pieces can be moved to change shapes, but my favourite feature is that you can just touch the lamp to adjust the light. There are 4 settings – dim, medium, bright and off. That means you can go from a bright room lamp to a softer reading light to turning off the lamp just by touching it. No more fumbling around for the switch as your drifting off to sleep!


Saeid is happy to make custom designs that would look great in any home or business.


Stop by Craft by Two at ARTE and see what Saeid can do for you.


Let’s not forget Lui and her rescued, recycled and repurposed wooden sign creations that beautifully complement her husband’s work.


I asked Lui how she got involved in sign making. She told me that it bothered her to see so much wood that was just left lying around after a building project was finished and she felt that so much could be done with it so  she started making signs.


Lui loves historical, antique, rustic vintage things and she wanted her signs to reflect this. She works hard to weather the wood for the perfect old-fashioned look. She spends a lot of time, energy and love to create her unique work.


She is also inspired by old Americana designs


and humour


which she combines to create modern signs perfect for the UAE.


Her signs come in a variety of sizes and are not mass produced – everything is handmade – and she is happy to custom make a sign that is perfect just for you.


What a great Christmas gift idea. Stop by Craft by Two next time you are at ARTE and see what Saeid and Lui can do for you!




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