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This week ARTE has two pop up markets: Mercato Mall, Dubai and Al Hamra Mall, Ras Al Khaimah. Celebrating Halloween while raising awareness for breast cancer makes ARTE your go to place this weekend. All items are handmade – created and designed by artists and crafters in the UAE. Do not be afraid to ask for custom orders – our artists love a good challenge and you will love what they make just for you!

This week’s artist is Arti Karnik of HeArti Grub (Facebook, img_8375

Arti is a food artist who joined ARTE a year ago. She creates butter, relish, granola,  and  nut & seed mixtures that are healthy, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and just so delicious!


Originally from Mumbai, India, Arti is a graphic designer who has lived in Dubai for 30 years. She considers Dubai her home because she went to school and University here; her first job was here; she even got married and raised her family here!


Arti has always had a passion for cooking and clean foods. Arti describes clean food as all natural ingredients, no artificial colorings, no preservatives – no nasties!


While her kids were growing up, Arti found she could get lots of healthy food in Dubai, but it was difficult to find healthy , clean snacks so she started making granola for her family. The granola was so popular with her family that it did not last long!


It was Arti’s sister who kept pushing her to expand her cooking horizons. Finally, Arti agreed and made a jar of granola for her sister’s husband to take to his office. The jar was a huge success. Everyone, who was lucky enough to try it, loved it and the orders came flying in. Hearti Grub was born.


Thanks to Arti’s graphic design experience, Hearti Grub ‘s packaging is very professional looking and makes great gifts especially for Diwali, Christmas and New Years. Imagine the joy you would feel getting a basket of these goodies for UAE National Day!


Plus, everything comes in reusable packaging so you do not need to eat it all at once although you may want to!


Of course, Arti wants her packaging to be user friendly, but a glamourous package is not as important as the delicious product that goes inside. Quality control and cleanliness are very important to Hearti Grub. Arti strictly follows the hygiene laws set for food preparation in the UAE, as well as the health standards set by ARTE for its food vendors.


Hearti Grub is a clean business and Arti is not willing to compromise her quality, taste or ingredients just to make money. She wants to make a product you can depend on now and in 10 years time.


One reason Arti loves having a stall at ARTE is all the wonderful people she meets. She loves the personal relationships she builds with her customers. She loves when someone tries her product for the first time and the joy that comes from that first taste.


Hearti Grub is popular because it appeals to everyone – Arabs, Asians and Europeans can all enjoy these delightful products! Which one is your favorite?

img_8379Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Hearti Grubs table and say hi to Arti! You’ll be glad you did!





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