ARTE’s Artists – Lina Suarez

Pictoresca Design by Lina Suarez

This Friday, October 14, ARTE will be popping up at Times Square Center, Dubai from 11am – 6pm. October is breast cancer awareness month and ARTE is thinking pink. Come check out the exclusive pink art on offer. With Halloween just around the corner, you will also find spooky Halloween crafts sure to put a smile on your face.

This week’s artist is Lina Suarez ( Facebook, Instagram @pictorescadesign or email :


Lina is originally from Medellin, Columbia but has lived in Dubai for 2 and a half years. She has been a member of ARTE for  a little over a year. Lina sees the artists and customers in ARTE as a community and hopes to engage everyone in  our community with her art.


When Lina first came to the UAE, She volunteered at her husband’s job but soon realized she wanted to start her own business. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but she knew she wanted to pursue her artistic passion and creativity, as well as use her abilities as a graphic designer. She started by painting mugs, which she had started doing during her visit to the US back in 2012.


Her mugs were popular with friends and family and as her designs grew more intricate, she knew she was on to something.


Lena began to customize her mugs. All of her mugs are hand painted and she is happy to put sayings or pictures on her mugs for you.


Lena wanted to showcase her talents on more than just mugs so she began experimenting with fabric designing. She then had her designs printed on silk. Once she had the designs, she began making cushions


pencil cases




And coasters.


As we live in the UAE, Lina wanted to give an Arabic feel to her work, but at the same time give her work a whimsical, almost iconic feel. To achieve this, she took the Russian nesting doll and melded it with Arabic dress and her gorgeous doll cushions were born.


These cushions really reflect Lina’s optimistic and vibrant personality!


Lina also wanted to bring her love for travelling into her designs, like the cushion below. Lina is happy to exchange the picture for one of you and your family. What a great memory that would be of your time in the Emirates!


In fact, Lina is happy to design a special pillow for you like this baby cushion she handmakes


or like this one she handmade for friends.


Lina’s  creativity is never ending. She is always looking for ways to push her creativity. Here is a Mona Lisa make up case with a twist.


Lina also likes to give classes which are perfect for birthday parties or coffee mornings. She can even organize them in the craft corner at ARTE. Just stop by her table when you are at ARTE and work out the details with her.


Remember to stop by and say hi to Lina and Pictoresca Design the next time you are at ARTE!




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