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There are only 4 more Time Square ARTE markets until Christmas; 2 more before National Day; 1 before American Thanksgiving – time is running out to get unique handmade gifts for the ones you love. Don’t miss out! Get over to ARTE this Friday, November 11 from 11am -6pm at Times Square. Parking is free and many vendors are ready for business by 10am!

This week’s artist is Sarah from Hector’s Handmade( , Facebook). Sarah will be at all 4 upcoming Times Square ARTE markets.


Sarah is originally from Kent in England, but has lived in the UAE for 7 years. Sarah creates many wonderful household accessories, but she is most famous for her cushions.


Sarah blames her mother for her love of crafting.  From an early age, Sarah helped her out with making homemade bobbin lace. This led to sewing, which Sarah found she was good at. After coming to Dubai, Sarah quickly learned that everyone here loves camels so she created her special camel applique shape, and Hector’s Handmade was born!


I asked her how she came up with the name for Hector’s Handmade and she told me it was named for Hector’s House, a children’s TV show that featured a dog named Hector. Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Sarah’s table and look at her handmade mascot, Hector and check out her great cat and dog cushion collection.


I love that Sarah’s functional cushions use clean lines and simplistic designs and come in 3 sizes: 50×50




and 60 x 30


These cushions fit perfectly in any furniture situation and every cover comes with its own cushion so its a perfect fit every time.


The cushions are stylish,


but also practical because these robust cushions are easy to wash which make them child friendly.


Covers are made from cotton and the Union Jacks are made in faux suede which give them a luxurious feel, but are animal friendly.  Great for Movember,


National Day



and Christmas.


Plus, Sarah can make custom orders for your friends and family.


Sarah makes a lot more than just cushions. She has lavender sachets to hang in your closets or put in your clothes’ drawers. They would even be beautiful on your Christmas tree.


Custom made Union Jack


and England curtains that are just perfect for your living room or man cave! Have a flag curtain idea you would like to see in your home? Discuss it with Sarah and she will see what she can do.


Sarah also makes Pencil cases


table runners


and bunting that is perfect for that special party or event!


You must check out her fantastic Christmas designs like her stockings


and Santa sacks!


and of course, cushions!


Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Hector’s Handmade  table and see what Sarah can do for you!

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