Artmitul – A Labour of Love

Artmitul, an arty brand driven by Mitul Bhattacharya, is a stunning series of mixed media paintings that capture a sense of a story, through a painstaking and labour-intensive technique, which is evocative of Madhubani folk art from Bihar, India.

Mitul, can spend days – sometimes even weeks – creating one of her masterpieces. She explains that each artwork represents a journey of exploration related to her personal experiences and memory as well as history and mythology. The working process proceeds from the inside out, unveiling an inner landscape of image, symbol and surface.

It represents that blend, which is pure and creative, exploring the intricacies of life, and some of the most wonderful things, events and objects whose inner values we miss everyday.

Mitul adds, “Contemporary art is fascinating, as the border between fine arts and craft becomes even less discerning. I say, only the prudes sit and distinguish between this and that, missing the art itself. I have always believed that art goes a step further than life. My art aspires to capture life in my own colours, in the way I want my world to be.”

A recent member of ARTE, Mitul has already received a tremendous response to her art with demand for her works on pebbles, stones and bottles growing everyday. Her work on paper, canvas and fabric have been also well appreciated.

To learn more about Artmitul and follow their journey, connect with them on facebook or on their website:

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