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Moonberry Studios by Lene

March is the month of horse racing, art and literature in Dubai which makes me want to race on down to ARTE at Times Square, tomorrow, Friday, March 10, 2017. Do not forget our new hours: 10am – 6pm.  Looking for that special hat to wear to the races or a gift to share with your favourite jockey? Than ARTE is the place to be! Remember, our artists make what they sell and everything is handmade with love in the UAE. Plus, look out for ARTE this weekend at the Emirates Literature festival.

This week’s ARTE artist is Lene of Moonberry Studios

(Instagram: Moonberry_Studios, Facebook: Moonberry Studios1, e-mail:

Lene is originally from South Africa, but has been living in the UAE since 2005. Lene’s first ARTE market was in 2008. Shortly after her first market, Lene learned that she was pregnant with her first child. Lene decided ARTE would have to wait.  Today,  Lene  has two beautiful children who inspire her art work everyday.  In 2015, Lene decided to return to ARTE and she’s been with us ever since.

I asked Lene how she became involved with card making and she told me that one day she saw a page with a rose and writing on it. She loved it so much that she started talking to the artist, who introduced her to scrapbooking. Lene was hooked!

My photos do not do justice to her beautiful work. Lene creates each of her designs by hand. There is a great amount of love and care that goes into each card.

Lene believes in quality over quantity. A card is just as important as an art piece. This is why she uses pigment inks which are not heat dried. They take longer to dry but, are worth the wait.

She cuts out her images by hand, as well as using the latest embossing techniques.

Plus, Lene’s work is environmentally friendly, as she uses recycled books and paper to create her gorgeous cards.

Lene’s cards are perfect for holidays.  With Easter and St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, (and don’t forget all those birthdays!) you must come and check out her latest cards at ARTE.

Lene also handcrafts the most adorable gift tags.

for any occasion:

They even make great bookmarks:

Although Lene, loves making her cards, her true passion is mixed media. In 2008, Lene was a finalist in the Red Bull art show. When you visit Lene’s table, you will also see her art pieces for sale.

Lene describes her art as “historic ephemera”. She uses items from the past which would normally have a short term use like tickets to a movie, and transforms them into something beautiful. Here is an example:

If you look closely, you will see tickets. These tickets are from the 1970s. Originally, they were used to raise money for a trip to the fresh water angling world championships in Europe.

In this piece, Lene has taken pieces that her grandmother crocheted and incorporated them in her art. Lene feels that art is a way to connect our pasts and futures. If you are interested in learning more about her mixed media pieces or if you are interested in taking a morning mixed media art class, for adults only, Please stop by Lene’s table at ARTE for a chat.

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ARTE’s Artists – Sundar

ARTE‘s countdown to National Day and Christmas continues tomorrow, Friday, November 18  at the Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al Khaimah and the Mercato Center in Dubai.

This week’s artist is Sundar from the Indian Christian Women’s Charity organization (


Sundar has lived in the UAE for 30 years and has been a member of ARTE for 8 years. As a boy, Sundar remembers how all the women in his neighborhood used to crochet and make lace to earn a living.


Overtime, the demand for such beautiful work lessened as younger generations began to see Aukindoe handmade work as old-fashioned; not the modern way.


Fewer people buying has meant that women are no longer able to make money to support themselves. It has also meant that the craft is dying out because younger women no longer learn the skills involved.


When you buy something from Sundar, you are helping women in need. The women who make these beautiful creations, get a monthly wage and they are preserving this craft for future generations.


Everything is handmade from 100% cotton and the lace is done in delicate white and cream.


The women create doilies


glass covers


food covers




Just look at that design work!




Take a closer look


(Wouldn’t this one be beautiful on your Christmas or National Day dinner table?)


You can see how the cloth and lace are matched so beautifully


table runners


and table mats – plain or fancy.



The women also make clothes like this beautiful piece modeled by Suzan ( Facebook  ).


Need a special size or shape? Have a dress idea? Custom orders are gladly accepted.


Intricate patterns and designs that are sure to add a touch of class to any home.



So stop by Sundar’s table and say hi the next time you are at ARTE in Times Square!

ARTE’s Artists – Sarah

There are only 4 more Time Square ARTE markets until Christmas; 2 more before National Day; 1 before American Thanksgiving – time is running out to get unique handmade gifts for the ones you love. Don’t miss out! Get over to ARTE this Friday, November 11 from 11am -6pm at Times Square. Parking is free and many vendors are ready for business by 10am!

This week’s artist is Sarah from Hector’s Handmade( , Facebook). Sarah will be at all 4 upcoming Times Square ARTE markets.


Sarah is originally from Kent in England, but has lived in the UAE for 7 years. Sarah creates many wonderful household accessories, but she is most famous for her cushions.


Sarah blames her mother for her love of crafting.  From an early age, Sarah helped her out with making homemade bobbin lace. This led to sewing, which Sarah found she was good at. After coming to Dubai, Sarah quickly learned that everyone here loves camels so she created her special camel applique shape, and Hector’s Handmade was born!


I asked her how she came up with the name for Hector’s Handmade and she told me it was named for Hector’s House, a children’s TV show that featured a dog named Hector. Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Sarah’s table and look at her handmade mascot, Hector and check out her great cat and dog cushion collection.


I love that Sarah’s functional cushions use clean lines and simplistic designs and come in 3 sizes: 50×50




and 60 x 30


These cushions fit perfectly in any furniture situation and every cover comes with its own cushion so its a perfect fit every time.


The cushions are stylish,


but also practical because these robust cushions are easy to wash which make them child friendly.


Covers are made from cotton and the Union Jacks are made in faux suede which give them a luxurious feel, but are animal friendly.  Great for Movember,


National Day



and Christmas.


Plus, Sarah can make custom orders for your friends and family.


Sarah makes a lot more than just cushions. She has lavender sachets to hang in your closets or put in your clothes’ drawers. They would even be beautiful on your Christmas tree.


Custom made Union Jack


and England curtains that are just perfect for your living room or man cave! Have a flag curtain idea you would like to see in your home? Discuss it with Sarah and she will see what she can do.


Sarah also makes Pencil cases


table runners


and bunting that is perfect for that special party or event!


You must check out her fantastic Christmas designs like her stockings


and Santa sacks!


and of course, cushions!


Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Hector’s Handmade  table and see what Sarah can do for you!

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ARTE’s Artists – Craft by Two

Welcome to November! Or should I say Movember! The countdown to Christmas and National Day has begun! With less than 8 weeks to go you will want to hurry out to ARTE at the Oasis Mall this Friday and start shopping for those unique one of a kind handmade gifts which will impress your friends and family!

This week’s ARTE  artist is Craft by Two by Saeid and Lui, a husband and wife team who create masterpieces from recycled building materials (Facebook ,, , Instagram: craftbytwo)img_8421

Saeid and Lui have lived in the UAE for 20 years. Originally from Iran and the Phillipines, they have been members of ARTE for one and a half years. They create industrial rustic home decorations such as furniture




and signs.


They use all natural materials and recycle as much as possible.


I asked them how they got started. Saeid told me that his home in Iran has an orchard and he does the plumbing and electrical work when he is home. This is a big job and as a result, there are always a lot of extra pipes lying around. Saeid wanted to do something with them and this fueled his passion for elemental and functional art.


He discovered by using his electrical skills he could turn left over pipes into lights. Using the elements of metal, glass and wood gives his steampunk  creations a lifelike quality which is both charming and whimsical.


Many of Saeid’s pieces can be moved to change shapes, but my favourite feature is that you can just touch the lamp to adjust the light. There are 4 settings – dim, medium, bright and off. That means you can go from a bright room lamp to a softer reading light to turning off the lamp just by touching it. No more fumbling around for the switch as your drifting off to sleep!


Saeid is happy to make custom designs that would look great in any home or business.


Stop by Craft by Two at ARTE and see what Saeid can do for you.


Let’s not forget Lui and her rescued, recycled and repurposed wooden sign creations that beautifully complement her husband’s work.


I asked Lui how she got involved in sign making. She told me that it bothered her to see so much wood that was just left lying around after a building project was finished and she felt that so much could be done with it so  she started making signs.


Lui loves historical, antique, rustic vintage things and she wanted her signs to reflect this. She works hard to weather the wood for the perfect old-fashioned look. She spends a lot of time, energy and love to create her unique work.


She is also inspired by old Americana designs


and humour


which she combines to create modern signs perfect for the UAE.


Her signs come in a variety of sizes and are not mass produced – everything is handmade – and she is happy to custom make a sign that is perfect just for you.


What a great Christmas gift idea. Stop by Craft by Two next time you are at ARTE and see what Saeid and Lui can do for you!




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ARTE’s Artists – Hearti Grub

This week ARTE has two pop up markets: Mercato Mall, Dubai and Al Hamra Mall, Ras Al Khaimah. Celebrating Halloween while raising awareness for breast cancer makes ARTE your go to place this weekend. All items are handmade – created and designed by artists and crafters in the UAE. Do not be afraid to ask for custom orders – our artists love a good challenge and you will love what they make just for you!

This week’s artist is Arti Karnik of HeArti Grub (Facebook, img_8375

Arti is a food artist who joined ARTE a year ago. She creates butter, relish, granola,  and  nut & seed mixtures that are healthy, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and just so delicious!


Originally from Mumbai, India, Arti is a graphic designer who has lived in Dubai for 30 years. She considers Dubai her home because she went to school and University here; her first job was here; she even got married and raised her family here!


Arti has always had a passion for cooking and clean foods. Arti describes clean food as all natural ingredients, no artificial colorings, no preservatives – no nasties!


While her kids were growing up, Arti found she could get lots of healthy food in Dubai, but it was difficult to find healthy , clean snacks so she started making granola for her family. The granola was so popular with her family that it did not last long!


It was Arti’s sister who kept pushing her to expand her cooking horizons. Finally, Arti agreed and made a jar of granola for her sister’s husband to take to his office. The jar was a huge success. Everyone, who was lucky enough to try it, loved it and the orders came flying in. Hearti Grub was born.


Thanks to Arti’s graphic design experience, Hearti Grub ‘s packaging is very professional looking and makes great gifts especially for Diwali, Christmas and New Years. Imagine the joy you would feel getting a basket of these goodies for UAE National Day!


Plus, everything comes in reusable packaging so you do not need to eat it all at once although you may want to!


Of course, Arti wants her packaging to be user friendly, but a glamourous package is not as important as the delicious product that goes inside. Quality control and cleanliness are very important to Hearti Grub. Arti strictly follows the hygiene laws set for food preparation in the UAE, as well as the health standards set by ARTE for its food vendors.


Hearti Grub is a clean business and Arti is not willing to compromise her quality, taste or ingredients just to make money. She wants to make a product you can depend on now and in 10 years time.


One reason Arti loves having a stall at ARTE is all the wonderful people she meets. She loves the personal relationships she builds with her customers. She loves when someone tries her product for the first time and the joy that comes from that first taste.


Hearti Grub is popular because it appeals to everyone – Arabs, Asians and Europeans can all enjoy these delightful products! Which one is your favorite?

img_8379Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Hearti Grubs table and say hi to Arti! You’ll be glad you did!





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ARTE’s Artists – Lina Suarez

Pictoresca Design by Lina Suarez

This Friday, October 14, ARTE will be popping up at Times Square Center, Dubai from 11am – 6pm. October is breast cancer awareness month and ARTE is thinking pink. Come check out the exclusive pink art on offer. With Halloween just around the corner, you will also find spooky Halloween crafts sure to put a smile on your face.

This week’s artist is Lina Suarez ( Facebook, Instagram @pictorescadesign or email :


Lina is originally from Medellin, Columbia but has lived in Dubai for 2 and a half years. She has been a member of ARTE for  a little over a year. Lina sees the artists and customers in ARTE as a community and hopes to engage everyone in  our community with her art.


When Lina first came to the UAE, She volunteered at her husband’s job but soon realized she wanted to start her own business. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but she knew she wanted to pursue her artistic passion and creativity, as well as use her abilities as a graphic designer. She started by painting mugs, which she had started doing during her visit to the US back in 2012.


Her mugs were popular with friends and family and as her designs grew more intricate, she knew she was on to something.


Lena began to customize her mugs. All of her mugs are hand painted and she is happy to put sayings or pictures on her mugs for you.


Lena wanted to showcase her talents on more than just mugs so she began experimenting with fabric designing. She then had her designs printed on silk. Once she had the designs, she began making cushions


pencil cases




And coasters.


As we live in the UAE, Lina wanted to give an Arabic feel to her work, but at the same time give her work a whimsical, almost iconic feel. To achieve this, she took the Russian nesting doll and melded it with Arabic dress and her gorgeous doll cushions were born.


These cushions really reflect Lina’s optimistic and vibrant personality!


Lina also wanted to bring her love for travelling into her designs, like the cushion below. Lina is happy to exchange the picture for one of you and your family. What a great memory that would be of your time in the Emirates!


In fact, Lina is happy to design a special pillow for you like this baby cushion she handmakes


or like this one she handmade for friends.


Lina’s  creativity is never ending. She is always looking for ways to push her creativity. Here is a Mona Lisa make up case with a twist.


Lina also likes to give classes which are perfect for birthday parties or coffee mornings. She can even organize them in the craft corner at ARTE. Just stop by her table when you are at ARTE and work out the details with her.


Remember to stop by and say hi to Lina and Pictoresca Design the next time you are at ARTE!




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ARTE’s Artists

Craft Paper Nest by Chetana Badiger

Welcome to October! The temperature may be cooling down but ARTE is turning up the heat with original handmade inspiration. Come to the Oasis Mall this Friday, October 7 from 10 am-8 pm on the first floor and support your local artists and crafters. This month, ARTE artists will be raising awareness for breast cancer, celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving and creating spooky delights for Halloween.

This week’s artist, Chetana Badiger is new to ARTE and her unique approach to recycled art is well worth checking out.img_8351

Chetana is originally from Bangalore, India and has lived in the UAE for two years. Ever since she was a child, Chetana has been passionate about recycling. Chetana recycles because she cares about the environment. She recycles everything – even her money box at ARTE is a recycled toffee box. Reduce, reuse, recycle is her daily mantra and it has transformed the way she sees the world, both in her personal life and in her art.


Chetana has always recycled. When she came to Dubai, it bothered her that there was nowhere to take her old newspapers so she decided to look into ways of using her old newspapers creatively.


She taught herself how to make a paper box. It was very popular with her friends and family so her husband encouraged her to follow her artistic desires and Craft Paper Nest was born.


Chetana likes to bring new and different items with her each time she comes to ARTE.


From handbags


to lamp shades


Her products are all natural and made from recycled materials. Some of her items are painted and varnished,


while others are left in their natural state.


Magazines are also used to add colour to her work.


Chetana has objects in a variety of prices and designs that will please everyone in your family. These small cupcake boxes will delight children of all ages.


In her art, Chetana thinks about design






and practicality.


In India, Chetana was a school teacher. She is planning to put her skills as a teacher to good use and is hoping to offer classes in recycled art soon so watch this space.


Do you have an idea for an object for your home? A colour scheme to match your furnishings? Chetana is willing to custom make items for you.


You can contact Chetana (Craft Paper Nest) at ARTE, by e-mail: or on Facebook.


The next time you are at ARTE, stop by Craft Paper Nest ‘s table and say hi to Chetana and her husband. You’ll be glad you did!

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ARTE’s Artists

The Camel Lady by Darcy

Eid Mubarak – Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and joyous Eid Al Adha.

For those of you who are not travelling this Eid holiday, I invite you to join us tomorrow, Friday, September 9, at ARTE in Times Square Dubai. ARTE is the perfect place to work up an appetite before you go to your Friday brunch. ARTE starts at 11:oo, but many artists are open for business by 10am. There is plenty of FREE underground parking to keep your car cool while you walk around the gorgeous arts and crafts. What’s more, Biela and Caribou Coffee are open early for all your breakfast needs.

This week’s artist is the Camel Lady by Darcy (, Facebook ).



Darcy is originally from Los Angeles, California, USA, but has lived in the UAE for 17 years. She has been a member of ARTE for over 6 years. Darcy makes handmade papermache camels.



For many years, Darcy combined her love of theater with her love of papermache. Many of you may remember the yearly Christmas pantomimes that Darcy directed in Ras Al Khaimah and the myriad of set decorations and props that she made – from  palm trees to sea monsters. She even made a giant camel head so it was no surprise when she started making smaller camels.



Darcy’s camels travel well. Here are the two camels (Camill and Oswaldo) she took to the RIO Olympic games in August. They travelled around the country, often in just a plastic bag, and have returned home safely. Come meet them and learn about their adventure tomorrow at Times Square Center.



Each of Darcy’s camels is made individually by hand and has its own character. No two are alike.



Darcy’s camels come in many sizes and colours.



And are perfect for holidays, too.



Darcy decorates her camels using many textures:









and paper. Darcy has been collecting paper for years. Whenever she travels, she always checks out the local paper with her camels in mind.



Darcy welcomes special orders and is always up for the challenge of coming up with new designs. Of course, her camels take hours of work and orders take time. Being handmade, not every camel is perfect, but the flaws remind you that these camels are not made by machine or in a factory. They are made right here in the UAE and are exclusive to ARTE.



Stop by Darcy’s table tomorrow, near Etisalat, anytime from 10:30 – 6:00 and say hi.










ARTE’s Artists


Glass Art – Hand Engraving by Suzan

Welcome back to ARTE! As summer winds down and we get ready for cooler autumn temperatures, what better way to get back into the art of UAE living then by visiting one of the ARTE pop up markets – this month ARTE will be at:

The Oasis Center, Dubai, Friday, September 2, 10am – 7pm

Times Square Center, Dubai on Friday, September 9 and September 23, 11am – 6pm

Al Hamra Mall, Ras Al Khaimah, Friday, September 16, Noon – 9pm

The Mercato Center, Jumeriah, Friday September 16,        10am – 10pm

Did you know that this September ARTE turns 11 years old? To celebrate, ARTE  will be serving cake and a party atmosphere on September 23. Hope you drop by and celebrate with us!

Plus, one of the artists who will be celebrating with us on the 23rd is this week’s artist Suzan Kamande of Glass Art – Hand Engraving. (, Facebook:)



Suzan comes from Kenya, but has lived in Dubai for 7 years and has been an ARTE  artist for the past 2 years.



Suzan’s passion is  engraving, especially on crystal.



As a child, Suzan had never seen anything that had been engraved because this is not a common art form in Kenya. In college, she had an art teacher from the UK who introduced her to engraving.



From the first moment that Suzan saw it, she was hooked. She learned the art of engraving and has worked as an engraver ever since.



In Suzan’s beautiful work, you can see the influences of Kenya. Her animals and nature scenes are very realistic. Suzan believes that engraving is similar to painting in that your pictures are not identical to your subjects, but capture the essence of them.



Suzan loves what she does. This and her years of experience really show in her work.



Suzan’s heart may be in Africa, but since coming to Dubai, she has begun to explore desert themes in her work.



Suzan  is motivated by new challenges which is why she loves commissioned work. Do you have an idea, a loved ones portrait, or special date that you would like immortalized in crystal? Then you need to see Suzan right away!



Each piece that Suzan custom makes takes time. Handmade is NOT made in a factory. True craftsmanship takes time, but the results are well worth it!



Suzan works mainly on crystal and she can do coasters, plates, vases, glasses, tumblers, jugs and plaques. A very popular item is her champagne flute. These flutes make great wedding or anniversary gifts and you can get names and dates engraved on them to add that personal touch.



Suzan can even do jewelry.



Just look at how delicate and intricate her art is. Can’t you just feel this fish swimming on this glass. Simply gorgeous!



Suzan loves coming to ARTE because of all the wonderful people she meets. For Suzan, ARTE is more than just selling art – it’s about connecting with people, sharing a smile and having a chat.  Next time you are at ARTE, stop by Suzan’s table and say hi.

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ARTE’s Artists


Phlox and Two Bunny Bracelets by Hollie

Good morning ARTE fans! Today, Friday, June 17 ARTE will be popping up at the Mercato Center in Dubai from 5pm – midnight and the Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al Khaimah from noon – 9pm. Looking for a special Eid gift? Heading home and want to have that special memory of the UAE? Need a gift that fits in your suitcase? Then why not come out to ARTE today! Today’s artist is just one example of the wonders waiting for you at Al Hamra  Mall in the morning and the Mercato Center later this evening.



Today’s artist is Hollie and she has been with ARTE for two years now. Although Hollie was born in England, she grew up in Bahrain, where she lived for 20 years before moving to the UAE 5 years ago.


Many of you will know Hollie from Two Bunny Bracelets, the jewellery  company she started a few years ago. Hollie takes gemstones, silver and charms to create lovely bracelets and necklaces.


Don’t see what you like? Hollie will custom make you a creation in real time at ARTE.



Recently, Hollie has started PHLOX a company dedicated to skin care.



I asked Hollie how she went from bracelets to skin care. She told me she had been making sugar scrubs for herself for awhile. Then, one Christmas she wanted to give her mom a unique gift so she made her some body products. Of course, she did not want to just give her mom an untested gift so she brought in samples for people in her office to try. In the end, it turned out that her mom and office mates loved them so much that a demand was created.


Hollie realised she had found her passion so she signed up to do a diploma in organic skin care formulation and was hooked.



Knowledge is key to making her all natural handmade skin care products. Hollie not only wants to give her customers a safe product, but she wants a product that does what is says it will do. To make sure her products are safe, Hollie has gone on to get  certifications in aromatherapy for natural living and face mask therapy. She is currently doing an advanced diploma in organic skin care formulation and is working towards becoming a licensed aroma therapist.



Hollie loves animals, especially her bunnies, so no product is ever tested on animals!



Hollie can make custom cosmetics! This is great news for those of us who have sensitive skin, skin allergies or you just want the right fit for your skin needs!



You can find Hollie tonight at the Mercato Center but she can also be reached on Facebook: or visit her website:



Hollie’s dream is to one day move to the Lake Ditrict in England and open up her own shop, but until then, she will continue to make her all natural handmade scrubs, balms, body butters, anti-ageing serums and body mists exclusively for ARTE.

Whenever you are at ARTE, drop by Hollie’s table and say hi!