Wrist Candy

For an instant wardrobe update this spring/summer 2012, all you need is some stunning chunky wrist-candy.

At ARTE, they come ranging from the sparkly Swarovski cuffs to some of spring’s most attention-grabbing and colourful bracelet. Each piece is an original and eye catching piece handcrafted by locally based artisans.

Ghawaiesh by Mona El Sanhoury and Radwa Abo Alam

Swarovski beads bracelet – vendor unknown

Birds of a Feather

Thanks to Hollywood hipsters, such as Jessica Biel and Steven Tyler, the feather hair extension trend – often seen as colourful feathers that clip into the hair – has really taken flight and is quickly spreading worldwide.

Closer to home, 16-year-old ARTE member, Hannah, is showing fashionistas how a strand of feathers into your mane may be just what you need to get yourself prepped for a truly bohemian summer.

Safe, Beautiful and Colourful

All natural real feather extensions are the simple way to give your hair colour and life; they will not damage your hair like adding dye or highlights.  They are the perfect way to change your hair with your mood or with the seasons because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to put in; your professional stylist can ensure they are put in properly so they last.  When done properly, feather hair extensions can last for up to six months.

How to Wear It

Hannah says: Feather extensions can work with any hair length. If you have short hair, you can wear your extensions two different ways: the length of the feathers can extend past the length of your hair for a dramatic look. You can also cut the feathers to match your length & blend them into your hairstyle.

Low Maintenance

Made from natural feathers, you can treat these extensions just like your own hair. They are water-friendly and you can straighten it, curl it or blow dry it. So style them any way you like!

Hannah is a regular at our monthly ARTE market in Times Square Centre. For more info about Hannah’s Hair Feathers, email her directly.