Add a Little Sparkle to Your Life

Meet Laila Lambert, who brought to life her passion for crystals in 2006 when she founded Sparklefairy – the UAE’s first New Age online boutique, all things fairy, angel, handmade & crystals.

Illustration of Sparklefairy made by the fabulous Pink Poodle

Her collection comprises of beautiful handmade angel & fairy jewellery for every occasion including angel callers, wish pendants, exclusive scared geometry jewellery as well as supplying a full range of crystals from giant geodes (up to 1 metre high) tumblestones, raw, clusters, wands, pendulums, very rare crystals, fossils MOLDAVITE & ORGONE. Angel/Oracle cards, unique natural incense (no synthetics) and so much more, she also does lovely ideas for wedding favours.

We especially love her Fertility Bracelet made from crystals have an innate energy to prepare the body for conception.

We asked: What crystals are in the Fertility Bracelet and why?

Laila said: I personally use Moonstone and Rose quartz. Many crystals can assist but from research these 2 crystals are most effective in my opinion. Moonstone is said to help aid in nurturing receptivity and balances emotions, moonstone also said to help welcome new life into the body. Moonstone is often called the Stone of the Goddess and symbolises acceptance and new beginnings. Moonstone may help with childbirth, conception and breast feeding. Rose quartz helps stabilize the energy inside the body. Provides one with love and self love. Rose quartz provides us with harmony and trust. The powerful combination of the rose quartz and moonstone is known to boost the woman’s fertility status. The energy from the Fertility bracelet works by balancing the energy in the body. It is calming, rids negative energy and reduces fears, also known to regulates menstrual cycle, improve blood circulation. As above.

We asked: How effective is it?

Laila said: We never say the fertility bracelet gets you pregnant, but it aids and working with energy is a lovely thing. Fertility Bracelets come from ancient traditions and still continue to be in use today, These days, a lot of women wear these types of bracelets for the very same reason that they were worn decades ago. Women will wear these gemstones because of tradition, out of belief or suggestion from family and friends, in order to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

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