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The Camel Soap Factory’s Journey with ARTE

Five years ago, traveling through Australia, my husband and I came across a little treasure of a place called The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory. Set in the Western Aussie bush, it had a retail outlet and factory where visitors could see the soap being made, and buy locally made products and produce. I came home with a dream for Dubai!

My first steps were to learn to make soap. Not much in my background in payments software had prepared me for this. I found a course in London and met my soap mentor and guide, Melinda Coss, without whom the factory might not have happened as quickly. Paying somebody every month certainly focus’s the mind.

Next was learning how to make soap with camel milk. There are not too many books on the subject. I thought I would attend two school fairs that Christmas. I never made it to the second one after we sold all our stock at the first.

That’s when I decided I needed to dream a little bigger and faster.

But I realized that moving into bigger and different markets meant that I was going to need a license. Initially I was allowed to manufacture from home under a trading license but as we got bigger I needed to get a full industrial license. We now have a factory situated in the heart of Dubai and export across the globe.

Without Arte, it would have been impossible for me to get the business off the ground.

Selling at ARTE, The Makers Market helped me refine my product and learn more about our wonderful customers who buy our soaps. It allowed me to gather market intelligence, work out what sold and what didn’t. It allowed me to start to build cash to invest in growing the business. And most of all I made the most wonderful friends among the other ARTE vendors. Friends who have left the UAE, and now sell our soaps as distributors in other parts of the world.

Thank you ARTE, we are deeply grateful.

Stevie Lomass is the founder and creator of The Camel Soap Factory in Dubai.

If you are an artist or artisan that makes handmade items in the UAE and would like more information about becoming a vendor at the ARTE Markets, contact us via email – or read our section Book a Table for more information.

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Five Genres You Cannot Miss at #DubaiLitFest

Once again, ARTE has the privilege to work with the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature to present ARTE, The Makers Market at EAFOL. Visit our wonderful creatives as they display their hand made products on Friday 3rd March and Saturday 11th March  at the InterContinetal Hotel and Conference Center in Festival City.

And don’t forget, there is something for everyone at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Whether you are a cooking fanatic, love thrillers or are looking for a motivational biography, this year’s Festival has you covered.

We have listed the top five genres that you should definitely check out at the Festival!

Food & Nutrition

Pimp My Rice by Nisha Katona

Nisha Katona was the first female Indian barrister in the North West region of the UK before she decided to follow her passion for food and cooking. She founded Mowgli Street Food in Liverpool, which brings authentic Indian food to a British audience.

As a second-generation Indian, Katona knows how to marry different cuisines together to create mouth-watering dishes. Her debut book, Pimp My Rice put the Indian staple rice front and centre. Once you read her recipes for Pimped Rice Piri Piri, Beefed-Up Bibimbap, Black Rice and Coconut Sorbet, to name a few, you will find yourself reaching for that bag of basmati.

Fellow foodie authors include Great British Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussain, Sabrina Ghayour, Chef B himself, Bader Najeeb Al Awadhi, Justine Kanter and Nawal Alnuaimi.

For more Foodie sessions, visit our website –

Crime & Thriller

Raakshas: India’s No. 1 Serial Killer by Piyush Jha

If you like thrillers, Raakshas: India’s No. 1 Serial Killer is a great dramatic read that will have you on the edge of your seat. The story follows Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police Maithili Prasad on her manhunt for a serial killer. No sooner has Maithili come to grips with the killer’s motives that he makes her the object of his revenge.

Piyush Jha is an acclaimed film director and author. His novels are usually inspired by the streets of Mumbai,.

Our Crime & Thriller strand is packed this year. We have Bones writer and producer Kathy Reichs, true-crime writer Liz Porter, James Naughtie, Lord Jeffrey Archer, Martin Edwards, Vaseem Khan, Raymond Khoury, Bernard Minier, Eric Van Lustbader, Parker Bilal, and the return of the Murder Mystery Dinner!

For more Crime & Thriller sessions, visit our website –

Young Adult

Hell and High Water by Tanya Landman

Award-winning British writer Tanya Landman is the author of more than thirty books for children and young adults. Her latest, Hell and High Water, is a ‘heart-stopping story of race, class, family and corruption’.

In Southern England, Caleb’s father is arrested for a crime he did not commit. Caleb is sent to live with his aunt where he finds himself the victim of racial discrimination. When it seems things can’t get any worse, Caleb finds his father washed up on shore…

Landman will be joined by a host of award-winning young adult writers including Tamsyn Murray, Ms Marvel creator Sana Amanat, Rachel Hamilton, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Hooda Al Shawa Al Qaddumi, Philip Reeve, Frances Hardinge and Amanda Calderon.

For more Young Adult sessions, visit our website –

We also have exciting workshops for children and young adults –

Biography & Memoir

Dare to Do by Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen set off in her kayak from Tower Bridge in France in 2011. She circled the globe by cycling, kayaking and rowing across Europe, Asia, the Pacific, North America and the Atlantic. After being caught in the midst of a tropical storm, Outen managed to push through to finish what she had started and became the first woman to row solo from Japan to Alaska, as well as the first woman to row the mid-Pacific from West to East.

Outen is joined by fellow adventurer Abdullah Al Jumah, Elon Musk biographer, Ashlee Vance, John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway, Leila Aboulela, Jon Ronson, Christina Lamb and the inspirational young Nujeen Mustafa, whose biography Lamb wrote, Frank Gardner, Alan Titchmarsh, HE Omar Saif Ghobash, perfumer Jo Malone, Ram Buxani, Andy Miller and many more.

For more Biography & Memoir sessions, visit our website –


The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan is Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford, and Director for the Centre for Byzantine Research at Oxford University.

His critically-acclaimed book examines how the Silk Roads brought the East and West together, encouraging trade and leading to the spread of cultures and religions. In an increasingly globalized planet, his book has been described as ‘very much a work of our times’. The Silk Roads has received huge critical acclaim and is a number one Sunday Times Bestseller.

At the Festival, we look at global history with JE Peterson, HE Adnan Pachachi, Bettany Hughes, Kanishk Tharoor, Simon Garfield, Frauke Heard-Bey and David Heard.

For more History sessions, visit our website –

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature will be held from March 3-11 at the InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City.

For more information and to buy tickets, head to and download the Emirates Literature Foundation app, now on Google Play and iOS App store.

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