Our Pink October favourite picks

October, being the month to raise breast awareness, many of our artisans have decided to go pink.  The following items will be available at ARTE at Times Square this Friday, 10th of October. Don't miss out. Find Aunty Becky's Crochet Corner on facebook. This crochet aunt will soon be starting workshops for crochet lovers. Anna [...]

Animal Planet comes to ARTE

The first ARTE fair for the last quarter of 2014 was filled with beautiful people and beautifully painted and crafted icons from the animal kingdom - butterflies flitting about from one ceramic pin to another, camels trekking from cushion to cushion, the hippos and the rhino making merry, and more. Here are a few artisanal [...]

Wael Hamadeh and his upcycled work

It is amazing how a well travelled member of human kind finds his journey back into the arms of his homeland, Lebanon. Where 'the history of stone merges with the beauty of nature, where olive trees dance with the breeze of the valley' (Reference, Wael Hamadeh's biography. The biography is as poetic and heavy with [...]

The Hand of Khamsa paintings, by Marlene

The 'Hand of Khamsa' or the 'Hand of Fatima' has become quite popularised in jewelry, keychains and other accessories. Khamsa literally means 'five' in Arabic. While the origins of this symbol cannot be pin-pointed in history, it is believed to offer protection (from what some may call 'evil eye') While the Hand of Khamsa is [...]

Studio Saubhagya- T(h)reading on Success

One day, Ms. Sonal, the lady behind the Studio Saubhagya brand, had a bright idea. She decided to translate her fashion design expertise into the realm of making jewelry using mixed media work (chiefly thread and other embellishments). At affordable prices, Studio Saubhagya's collection caught the eyes of many a colour-junkie and the hearts of [...]

Ways to Go Green! (Recycled Gift Ideas & More)

Our ARTE Markets are an invaluable resource for visitors to discover a wide variety of beautifully locally crafted items for the home. Among others, ARTE also welcomes a variety of locally-based artisans, who are committed to using sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Here are a few green gift ideas for any occasion, - hand produced by ARTE [...]

Artistry in Wood

We just love the rustic simplicity of these driftwood candle holders by Kariba Arts; so organic, beachy and simply beautiful. It all began less than a year again when German national, Kathrin Rinner-Baudy, fell in love with uniquely-shaped bits of burnished driftwood, tossed ashore by the sea and tide. Kathrin explains, “I have always admired [...]

A Head Case for Skulls

Make no bones about it; the skull trend is here to stay! Popularized by Alexander McQueen, the once gothic omens have been transformed into chic accessories and prints to give any outfit a chic and/or rock edge. At ARTE, Skulls have been embraced by several artisans creating fashion and jewellery to clothing and home decor.

Handmade Gifts for Men

We don’t know about you, but we find it notoriously hard to buy gifts for the special men in our lives. If there’s no one thing in particular that springs to mind, our fail-safe advice is usually a package of little treats, things to make him laugh, and useful objects. It’s a great solution and [...]