Nihad Nadam – in love with Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphic themed handcrafts are trending these days. From pendants to keychains, from Tshirt designs to brooches. Even business logos incorporate Arabic calligraphy for that one of kind artistic touch.

Nihad at his ARTE stall.

Nihad at his ARTE stall.

ARTE caught Nihad Nadam at the last DFC ARTE Souq creating badges in Arabic Calligraphic style. Nihad has a way with words Arabic calligraphic style, a certain flair that helps him help his customer choose the best font style to get their messages across. To create badges, he uses some heavy duty equipment (which for the life of me, I couldn’t even lift it from the table), and with great precision so characteristic of dedicated designer-crafters, puts the badges together.

The heavy duty machine with the finished badges.

The heavy duty machine with the finished badges.

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One of the things we learnt is that translation of English phrases into Arabic, doesn’t convey the same message. So Nihad helps the customer by discussing the most appropriate Arabic words that convey the essence of the English phrase. As you may appreciate, this is very important, because the last thing you want is to create something so beautiful but it doesn’t make sense when read in Arabic.

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So if you are itching to have your name done in Arabic calligraphy, whether it is the Thuluth style or the Diwani style, hop on to Nihad’s stall and he will be happy to assist.

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Last but not least, we are impressed with Nihad’s facebook page which has a grand following of 25,000 deeply engaged followers.

Visit Nihad’s website for more inspiration.

Handmade Gifts for Men

We don’t know about you, but we find it notoriously hard to buy gifts for the special men in our lives. If there’s no one thing in particular that springs to mind, our fail-safe advice is usually a package of little treats, things to make him laugh, and useful objects. It’s a great solution and you can mix-and-match to fit the big guy’s personality.

What’s your guy’s personality? Dapper, foodie, adventurer, sporty, musical or geeky, ARTE has a little something for everyone…

Handmade Model Railways By Model Railways UAE

Handmade Mugs by Irene’s Pots

Scottish Tablet desert by Toffee Princess

Handcrafted Bottle Stoppers by Colin Roberts

All natural Shaving Soap Kit by PAN Soaps

Sterling silver Cuff Links and Tie Pin by Mr. Beaujangles

Elvis stencil art Cushion by Gorgeoustuff

Porcelain – Burn it and bring it (on)

An array of fabulous porcelain painting crafts by Sandie.

An array of fabulous porcelain painting crafts by Sandie as seen at ARTE.

Here is one kind of artform where you can erase the work and start all over again if you don’t like how it looks (before burning or firing it). The art is porcelain painting. Sandie Broedelet, master porcelain painter, finds that porcelain painting is more her thing than painting on canvas. “Painting on smooth and white porcelain is more for me.”
It’s been ten years since Sandie started porcelain painting, while living in Zurich, Switzerland. “When I came across a piece of work painted by my soon to be mentor, Susanna Hofmann, I just fell in love with the concept that you can paint on such fine pieces and you can also be wild and bold on bigger areas.”
These tiny porcelain jars remind us of the vintage look...

These tiny painted porcelain jars remind us of the vintage look…

Sandie has lived in ten countries before moving to Dubai. Some of the places include the Americas, Asia, Europe, Caribbean and the Middle East. “Now that I have moved to Dubai, I find myself using more Arabesque designs. I find them intricate and fascinating and they have such an effective feeling on porcelain.”
“I not only work with geometric patterns; I use floral and animal patterns. Right now, I am mixing geometric patterns with sedate roses,  fish and more.”
Sandie loves Geometric patterns. This dish is one such example.

Sandie loves Geometric patterns. This dish is one such example.

Sandie is also a bridge player and has designed bowls with signs of the cards on the bowls (basically hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs). “I love using olive green, red and black colouring and it has become a favourite of mine to give away as presents to bridge playing friends!”
What a great idea to identify what your favourite sport is and create artwork or crafts that revolve round that sport.
We heart the ace of hearts (no pun intended)....Great nut bowls for bridge lovers.

We heart the ace of hearts (no pun intended)….Great nut bowls for bridge lovers.

What is the best part of porcelain painting, we ask Sandie. “The best part of this type of painting for me is that I can be busy for hours and not notice the time going by. I also love the fact that
very often if I am not happy with the painting, I can erase everything and start from scratch (as long as I have not fired the piece). Some people go to the gym, I find painting is my way of relaxing.”
Hmm…perhaps we (this is Jan speaking) will skip the gym in favour of porcelain painting!
Visit Sandie’s facebook page at