ARTE’s Success Stories

The Camel Soap Factory’s Journey with ARTE Five years ago, traveling through Australia, my husband and I came across a little treasure of a place called The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory. Set in the Western Aussie bush, it had a retail outlet and factory where visitors could see the soap being made, and buy [...]

The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

Spoil Mom this Mother's Day with a unique, handmade gift. Mother's Day is that special time that we can show our Moms how much we love and appreciate them. ARTE has chosen the best hand made, one-of-a-kind gifts that your Mom is going to love and you will definitely be voted as the Child of [...]

ARTE’s Artists

Moonberry Studios by Lene March is the month of horse racing, art and literature in Dubai which makes me want to race on down to ARTE at Times Square, tomorrow, Friday, March 10, 2017. Do not forget our new hours: 10am - 6pm.  Looking for that special hat to wear to the races or a gift to [...]

ARTE’s Artists

The Camel Lady by Darcy Eid Mubarak - Here's wishing you and your family a safe and joyous Eid Al Adha. For those of you who are not travelling this Eid holiday, I invite you to join us tomorrow, Friday, September 9, at ARTE in Times Square Dubai. ARTE is the perfect place to work up [...]

ARTE’s Artists

Mehwish Riaz May has arrived and with it the hot weather! With the return of the hot hazy days of a Dubai summer what better way to spend the day than a visit to ARTE! Today, Friday May 6th, ARTE is at the Oasis Center. Located off Sheikh Zayad Road, this cute mall is worth a [...]

ART at ARTE in April – meet Laila El Hefnaoui

Laila El Hefnaoui, Artist/Architect, a Dubai based artist, originally from Egypt, who studied & practiced architecture for over 20 years in both countries, but fell in love with art in many ways. Painting has been her inspiration for years, but recently embraced it & cross the line to become a professional artist in 2014 and [...]

ART at ARTE in April – Gail Reid

I am Gail Reid - British artist. I love drawing and painting birds, animals, people, and pretty much anything that stays still. I am particularly inspired by camels and flamingos, and spend many happy hours sketching on a local camel farm, and at Ras Al Khor flamingo sanctuary. Arte is a lovely friendly environment, I [...]

ART at ARTE in April – Maruska Lebrun

Maruska Lebrun is a Dutch artist who enjoys working in different media such as watercolours, soft pastels, inks and acrylics. Most of her paintings reflect "the Arabian Heritage” theme that she has studied in great depth over the many years of her living in the UAE with her family. The beautiful sunsets, the play of [...]

ART at ARTE in April – Eleni

I am Eleni Dalko. I was born in the real world. I live in the dream world. I paint, I draw, I make collages and I sculpt to balance the opposite inside me. I don't limit myself to one medium, style or concept. Picasso's work and the surrealism movement my main influences. I want to [...]