ART at ARTE in April – meet Shilpa Rao

I am a dreamer, enthusiast and an artist. My name is Shilpa Rao.
I am an autodidact in sketching and nothing but my passion and love for this field inspires me to create magic on a blank sheet. I am captivated by people and their honest expression which I enjoy capturing on my canvas.My mission in life is to be able to connect to the world through my work and wish colors never leave me. #artemarket #wemakewhatwesellCamouflage.jpg

ART at ARTE in April – Dana Naser

I am Dana Naser. Growing up, art was an important part of my life. In my perspective, art is creation, transformation and a medium of expression. I collected images, experiences and emotions expressing them through my work, relying on intense colors, incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, concentrating on creating abstract surfaces through different mediums including acrylics, a variety of mixed media such as pastels, ink and many others. With the ambitious goal of exhibiting my visual expressions and abstract paintings around the globe offering a new twist to the art scene in the middle east and eventually around the world. #artemarket#wemakewhatwesellIMG_7124.JPG

ART at ARTE in April – Maheen Noorani

I am Maheen Noorani From Rang O hunar providing innovative products for your home. I am an artist cum designer being fascinated by new innovations. My Art work is inspired by basic daily routine things giving them a stylish and contemporary look for your home. I am always eager to create something unique and different using mix media paints, fabric, leather, threads etc. Each and every piece is made with passion and creativity. #wemakewhatwesell#artemarket12.jpg

ART at ARTE in April – meet Jocelyn Lewisham

We are putting the lime light on the artists at ARTE during April. Every day another artist vendor…

Meet Jocelyn Lewisham, New Zealand artist12916727_10153550077622379_1818869069994367209_o

I’m trying to paint a feeling! I have been successfully exhibiting in Dubai with ARTE since 2011 and now have exclusive pieces selling in the Burj Khalifa’s SKY boutique. Much of my work is inspired by local and Arabian themes. My diverse style and use of medium is popular and I love the emotional connections, touching the lives of those across our diverse community with my art. It thrills me to know that my works are bringing joy and being appreciated in homes and places all over the world. Find Art by Jocelyn at ARTE on 8th April in Times Square Center Dubai.


ARTE, Times Square March 25th

Wow! Don’t miss ARTE tomorrow at Times Square from 11:00am – 6:00pm. It’s a good Friday to start celebrating spring, Mother’s Day and Easter! ARTE volunteers have been working around the clock to bring you a handmade in the UAE experience you won’t want to miss!


ARTE’S Artists


Uzaan – Hang On

March 25 – This really will be a good Friday with Easter, Mother’s Day, spring and rain celebrations all happening at ARTE in Times Square, Dubai – from 11:00am -6:00pm – FREE parking!. The ARTE Volunteers have been working like little bunnies to bring you a very festive market so hop on down and spend some time hunting for the best locally produced handmade items around!

And while you are at ARTE, check out this week’s South African crafter, Uzaan.



Originally from Cape Town, Uzaan, Owner of Hang On, has lived in Dubai for 7 years, however, she has only been an ARTE member for three months! Uzaan told me she had been coming to ARTE as a customer for years. She was in awe of the great handmade products she would find. She has always been creative and has done a lot of bead work and home décor for her family and friends, but she never thought she would one day be selling her own work at ARTE!



One day, Uzaan was thinking of the times when you have brief moments of cold like in the cinema, on a plane or Dubai winter evenings. She noticed her pashminas and scarves were always falling off or were too bulky to carry around. She wanted something like a poncho, but more elegant, lighter, easy to carry in your handbag. So she came up with a gorgeous shoulder throw which she calls a “Hang On”!



Simple; comfortable, yet fashionable, Uzaan lightly adorns her throws on one side with crocheted roses, buttons, lace or beads. She keeps the colors plain so you can match them to any outfit. She is happy to custom make her “Hang On”to suit any special requests her customers may have. Just let her know what you want!



Uzaan also creates beautiful accessories you can wear with or without the “hang on”. Her accessories use recycled materials, along with beads and charms, so nothing is wasted.



Stop by Uzaan’s table this Friday at ARTE and say hi!