Celebrate Mother’s Day with Lilly’s Floral Decoration

When you pass by Lilly’s Floral Decoration stall at ARTE, you can be sure that you will not be greeted by the intense ‘cacophony’ of confusing floral scents – which is a good thing, because you get to admire the tastefully decorated plant and flower installations instead.

Lilly holds an Engineering Degree in Architecture and is an Interior Designer by profession. No wonder, then, that she has blended her love for design, colour with the ‘architectural’ principles to produce towering floral installations that would make grand centre pieces or little candle holders with a dot and a dash of flowering delights.

The flowers are artificial, some are made of silk, and others a mixture of materials which are soft to touch. None of that horrible plastic looking floral finishes. You can choose from orchids, to bougainvilleas, from roses to tulips.

So if you are looking for a special gift for mum, consider Lilly’s Floral Decoration. Her products are designed and built to last.

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