Celebrate UAE National Day with our artists

In honour of UAE National Day on the 2nd of December, we are featuring ARTE’s amazing artists who will be showcasing their art this coming Friday at Times Square Centre, Dubai.  Central to ARTE’s charm, we showcase a variety of artists who employ a range of mediums and techniques to translate their individual experiences of living in the UAE. Have a look at the beauty of this country’s people, landscape, culture and ideology through the artists’ eyes:


Carrie Wareham

Since childhood, British artist Carrie Wareham was intrigued by stories of the Orient, like Aladdin’s tales. Moving to the UAE in 2001 she fell in love with the architecture, specifically the windows and doors: “I felt there was a certain mystique about them”. Wareham’s “Majlis” series is inspired by the traditional red tents used for social meetings, where the warmth of the welcoming hospitality is echoed in the rich colours in her work.

Images courtesy of Carrie Wareham


Hanifah Balangue

Currently a student of Islamic Art, Hanifa Balangue has lived in the UAE for 7 years. Describing the Emiratis as “very nice people, helpful and respectful”, it is this peaceful environment which inspires her love of Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy. The calligraphy is particularly enjoyed by the Muslim community and Balangue is excited to share her work with other residents and tourists. Read more on Hanifah Balangue in a previous blog post here:


Images courtesy of Hanifah Balangue 


Purvi Verma

Financial Analyst turned full time artist, Purvi Verma has been living in the UAE since 2011. Perceiving the UAE as an Expat dominated country, Verma enjoys being amongst so many different nationalities, breaking stereotypes by crossing borders. The UAE inspires her work with its “rich culture and heritage which has certain similarities with my home country [India]”. Read more here on Purvi Verma from a previous blog post.

Images courtesy of Purvi Verma


Catherine McEvoy

A resident for 2.5 years, Catherine McEvoy “realised how fond people are of their time in the UAE and that they want something beautiful to remember it by”. Being able to customize her work to customers’ specific colour palettes, her UAE-based designs such as “Jamal the Camel” and the “Grand Mosque” remain to be the most popular to cherish memories of the UAE.

Images courtesy of Catherine McEvoy


Marlene Metni Nasra

Moving to the UAE with her family in 2003, Lebanese artist Marlene Metni Nasra spends her time raising her three children, doing yoga, playing tennis and painting. “When I moved to Dubai, I felt that the beautiful scenic landscapes and its national heritage were better expressed in watercolour”. Nasra also uses mediums like oils and acrylics. She employs the “Hand of Fatima” as an artistic metaphor to translate the tolerance she experiences between the different nationalities and religions “living peacefully side by side”. Read more on the ‘Hand of Fatima” and Marlene’s work from a previous blog post here.

Images courtesy of Marlene Metni Nasra


Maruska Lebrun

Dutch artist Maruska Lebrun have been living in the UAE since 1979. The desert landscapes, the beautiful sunsets, the play of lights and darks have always been a great source of inspiration for her. She portrays Arabian wildlife, like camels and falcons, as well as traditional Arab architecture and landscapes. Painting mostly in watercolours, Lebrun’s work shows a maturity and sensitive understanding of the environment as a long term resident of the UAE.


Images courtesy of Maruska Lebrun


Meet these artists in person at ARTE Arts & Crafts market, Friday 28 November at Times Square Mall from 12 – 7 pm. Please visit our website for more details.


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