Vendor FAQs

How do I book a table for an event?

Check out our ‘Book a Table‘ page to ensure that you meet all of the criteria for ARTE vendors. Then follow the instructions on that page to register as a vendor and book a table.

How much does it cost for a table at one of the events?

To find out the cost of a table, please refer to the booking form for the event you are interested in which can be found on this page.

How large is the table?

The table measures 6 ft wide and 2.5 ft deep.

Is a tablecloth provided?

Yes, the table comes with a table cover with table skirt. This is usually in black or white. You cannot specify the colour and you are encouraged to also bring your own table covering. The table skirt allows you to store extra stock under the table allowing you to keep your display and table presentation uncluttered.

Can I bring my own table?

No you cannot.

Can I have a roll up banner?

Unfortunately, due to mall restrictions, no roll up banners are permitted at ARTE markets.

Can I share a table?

Yes you can share a table. You need to find your own friend to share with, since ARTE does not hold a list of vendors who wish to share. However, if each of you is attending as a separate vendor, with an individual product, then each of you needs to pay the newcomer’s fee.

Can I have my table next to my friend?

Tables are assigned through a ‘Lucky Draw System’ therefore we cannot guarantee the location of the table or space.

How many items should I bring?

This is entirely your own choice. Consider your table display and prepare accordingly. We find that too many items may distract the buyer from making a purchase. And often you are not the only vendor selling a certain item, please be aware of the competition.

How large are the racks?

The racks measure 60 or 90 cm wide, and 180 cm tall. One art rack consists of two panels. You need to provide your own hooks. We recommend S-shape hooks that are available from the hardware stores or available from the Kitchen Department in Ikea. Art can be displayed on both front and the backsides of the art rack, space permitting.

In an art space you will have one art rack, and you can rent a second rack for Dhs 50. If you feel that you have more artwork to display, then you can book additional space.

You can only have a maximum of 2 art racks (90 cm) in any one art space.

If you have an art table, you can only have one art rack (width 60 cm) next to your table display, or else the area becomes too congested for both yourself and the vendor next to you.

I want to sell fashion items, is this permitted?

It is permitted but we need to see that you can design, cut and sew the items. You need to provide us with a video clip that shows this.

What is in a fashion space?

A fashion space is a space with 2 chairs only, and you can ask for an ARTE art rack. You will not be provided with a table. And, you can bring two of your own clothing rails to make a small shop. You can also bring a mannequin.

How do I display my fashion items?

We can only provide you with an art rack. This is not ideal for fashion selling. Please provide your own rails.

Next to a table you can have one small fashion rail. In one fashion space you can have no more than 2 fashion rails.

Are food stalls allowed at all ARTE markets?

Food vendors are only allowed to sell food at the ARTE Market in Times Square Center. Please see the document on food sales here.

I want to provide an activity. Can I?

Yes you can, just let us know what. You can bring your own kid’s activity tables, or use on of our normal size tables. We can provide you with some extra chairs if needed.

Why is my photo not in the album on the ARTE Facebook Page?

This happens. Occasionally the quality of the image is not good enough to put in the album. You should take your own pictures too, you can then send this to for uploading. If an ARTE photographer (they will have an ARTE photographer badge) arrives at your stall and you are not ready, they should come back, but this may not always be possible.

Why do I have to stay for the whole day? Why can’t I come later or leave earlier?

We have an agreement with the mall management to keep the market looking fabulous and attended. Gaps at the market do not look nice. In the same way, retail stores in a mall do not open and close when they want. They have to abide by the mall opening hours. A person leaving early is like telling others that they can leave early too.

Is there are minimum number of ARTE events which I need to take part in?

In order to participate in the autumn and winter markets in November and December, we ask the applicants to have taken part in at least four markets during the year, prior to Nov & Dec.

What is your phone number?

We do not share mobile numbers, because if we did, we would spend all our time on the phone, and never complete anything else. Our preferred way of communicating with our vendors is via email. In that way also, there is a written record of what is discussed and agreed.

Is electricity available?

The vendor always needs to bring an extension cord and and also wide tape to secure the wire safely to the floor. In Times Square Center electricity is less accessible so please specify if you need power on your booking form.

Where do I park my car?

In Times Square Center your car can be parked underground, and also outside on the front court.

On the day of the market where do I register my attendance?

The registration desk opens 1.5 hours before the market opens, leaving you enough time to set up in a relaxed manner.