There’s Something about Mary’s Designs

Mary Falconer’s handmade clutches are one of the most coveted items at ARTE. These pieces exude classic feminine sophistication, with a dose of glamour to boot.

Without any formal training, and mostly self taught, Mary is the maker and talent behind the sewing machine, creating these colourful and trendy clutches, one design at a time.

Mary Falconer with one her handmade clutches

A stay at home mom of three children, she decided to give entrepreneurship a go. It has since turned into something more remarkable for her. Her business is something she looks forward to each day, and is a constant source of gratification.

“I strive for difference and oneness with my pieces. Finding materials and then finding ways to challenge the perceptions held by people about the boundaries of these materials is what drives me. I therefore embrace vibrant colours, intense prints and textures and fuse them together to create a unique and expressive design.”

Image courtesy of Mary Falconer Designs

“I really do enjoy both the creative aspect of dreaming up new things and the business side of making it all work. It is not an easy process and certainly not quick as one might think, but it is a wonderful experience when the end product works out and it can be enjoyed by my clients.”

Image courtesy of Mary Falconer Designs

“My goal as a designer is to create a brand that truly defined a woman; a brand that embodies all the qualities I see in them: Strength, Fun, Independence, Elegance and True Beauty…”

To learn more about Mary Falconer Design, join her on facebook  or visit her website:

Image courtesy of Mary Falconer Designs

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