Vintage Resellers

Audrey’s Cat by Lynda

Audrey’s Cat sells Original Vintage Jewellery and Accessories. Every item is unique, has its own story to tell and it is my passion to inspire new owners to love, cherish and to take it on its next journey.

I am personally driven by my passion of Vintage and have been carefully hand selecting and collecting investment pieces for over 40 years from all over the globe. In my current collection i have many iconic styles and designs from past decades that will never date.

Owning a piece of Vintage is a self expression, a way of revealing your individual style. The more you enjoy your piece of vintage, the greater your pleasure will be displaying it to the world. Vintage pieces are all one-off pieces which will last beyond our own lives and can be worn with your contemporary wardrobe to give you that unique individual style.

Audrey’s Cat has carefully selected costume jewels, antique gold and precious stones, bags, hats, scarves, scarf clips, cufflinks and other accessories dating back to by gone eras Georgian, Victorian, Art – Deco up to 1990’s. I have had such pleasure sourcing these high quality items and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.